How to Buy IGTV Comments

You can buy IGTV Comments from our website, simply sign up, deposit funds to use our services. We offer “service name, delivered instantly, cheap prices, with refund/refill guarantees.

  • Select which package you want to buy
  • Enter your post/profile URL into the given box.
  • After entering the quantity you want to receive in the next box, you will see the price.
  • Click the Buy Now button and your order will be processed.

Gain more IGTV Comments on your Post by selecting a package then adding the link to your post. Custom Comments are an amazing tool for building SEO within Instagram and Google Search, you may want to include certain keywords related to your business to help users find you organically.

We'll post the exact comments you add in the text box above, please add one comment per line, and you may use HASHTAGS in your custom comments which may help boost your visibility within certain keywords!

You may also target by gender (male or female random or custom comments), which can be very useful in targeting specific audiences, by choosing Male or Female comments, you'll get at least 90% of that gender posting the comments.

Random Comments will post generic positive comments like "wow ❤️ " "that's amazing 😮", and other generic and broad words and emojis.

Random Emojis will post random positive emojis to your post like "❤️", "😁", "😻", "😍", "👍" and many more.

Why Buy IGTV Comments

Buying Custom Comments on Instagram TV is a great way to grow your social proof by increasing your engagements, and can also improve your SEO if used correctly.

By using relevant hashtags, text, and target gender, you can gain a significant advantage on the search algorithm, showing up to more relevant audiences

Optimize Social can help you grow your online presence quickly and affordably, we grow your engagements safely and effectively so you can have more time to create engaging content for your users.

You can use custom comments to increase a

Our experts grow your engagements by swapping comments with other real users - so you don't have to worry about Instagram penalizing your account, this method does not violate any terms of service.

Will I get real IGTV Comments

We offer non-engaging IGTV Comments , however, the more social proof you have, the more likely organic users will find your profile. We also offer influencer marketing/shoutouts to bring you real “service name”, as well as run paid ads for your brand on Instagram, please contact us for this service!

Can I get free IGTV Comments?

Absolutely, we offer a $5 free trial when you sign up to our website. Simply use our support center to request your free trial!