So, you decided to try your hand at Reels? If you have been posting videos from a fresh account, with little to no marketing effort, you probably haven’t been receiving many views. That’s fine, and we can help you. As with any newcomer to the platform, it takes a long time to grow organically and amass high views and engagement by patiently working towards it.To organically grow, there’s a list of things you need to go through, almost like a checklist. First of all, you need a legit-looking profile that is up to standards of the niche you’re in. Now, and most importantly, you want to publish relevant, informative, and engaging video content related to your niche. It should be unique and high quality, something eye-catching that will get the viewer to click (thanks to an attractive description and thumbnail), stick around and maybe even watch other posts you’ve shared.Reels will recognize such activity from users on your profile, and it will contribute to the algorithm inside of the platform, helping your content reach more people in their news feeds.This is where a few tricks come into play. If you’re just starting, you probably don’t want all of your videos to look like they get absolutely no views. Precisely as we mentioned above, Instagram was removing likes because content publishers with a low number of likes were discouraged from posting content.You can pick up one of our Reels view packs for your content. It can be any video, published at any time, and you can even split your purchase of views over different videos and time frames. This will not only give your views more credibility and appeal, but also help you gain even more views in the future. We will talk more about high retention views in the next section of the article, but what you should know for now is that, if your video posts can amass more views with time, it can snowball and lead to new, real views coming down the line.You don’t really need to spend a large sum of money on visibility campaigns. You can read more on how to grow your presence on Reels by spending minimal money and focusing on results with proper practices and our view packages.