Reels is a brand new platform for sharing videos, launched by its parent company Instagram. As a standalone application, it’s slightly different than Instagram, but core principles have been kept in place, while its functionality is possible within Instagram too. After a year and a half in use, many users are not too thrilled about it, but it’s absolutely a platform worth exploring and testing. It’s the go-to video sharing social network outside of Youtube and recently, TikTok. We feel Reels has its advantages over the other two, mainly because it’s more popular thanks to its connection with Instagram, compared to its competitors who fight for every new user. As a near integrated platform, you can easily carry over any marketing work you’ve done on Instagram over to Reels, and vice versa. Also, it’s important to note another reason why Reelsis worth getting into. While Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform out there, many Youtube users visit the website from their desktop devices. Why is this important? Well, around two-thirds of internet users prefer their mobile devices over watching content on their desktop computers. Reels is an application specifically designed for mobile users, meaning you will be able to reach some users easier. If you already have a youtube channel, moving into Reels to attract people with short clips, then lead them to your Youtube channel is a good strategy. We will talk more about this down below in another section of the article.A video-sharing social network offers a lot of potential. Your videos can reach local and global audiences in what you have to offer. Businesses, brands, and influencers use videos to give a glimpse into their niche, post a promotional message, or visually share information. For example, if you’re offering products, you can post videos about them and promote them, or if you’re offering services as a business, you have an opportunity to talk about them visually, including both audio and pictures.Modern social media users don’t like to read long posts and prefer a combination of audio and visual stimulation instead. It’s much more interesting to users to hear about a local car wash if they can see a video of how the washing is done, right?Since you’ve found our website, we assume you already have a grasp on why Reels is such a robust network. But what good are your videos if nobody sees them?Even though the social network is still in its infancy, many brands have settled and grabbed a lot of the market instantly. Just look at the most popular profiles in Reels, it’s all brands and influencers that have gathered their fame somewhere else already, and simply brought it over to Reels. This doesn’t mean a newcomer can’t get a slice of the pie, though. If your video posts can get enough engagement, there is a huge potential audience to grab. As many newcomers haven’t grasped the basics of internet video marketing, you may have a keen edge with our Reels video view packages.