Where to begin?

Want to start placing orders on our panel? Follow these 4 easy steps.

To succeed on IGTV, use the longer video format to show more about your company or business, or even yourself if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer. Talk about what got you started, show them how a workday looks for you, your office atmosphere, how you handle your tasks and customers. Give them meaningful advice, like we are trying to do with our articles, and they will reciprocate with trust in your brand.

Also, there are some good practices to follow on the platform. This is more of an SEO approach than a marketing one, but it’s equally as important to make the absolute most value from any social media marketing you do.

First of all, make sure to cross-post and cross-promote your content from the very start. If you have an existing base of followers, or event interested parties such as a list of potential clients, let them know you are now on the IGTV platform. Whenever you post a new video to IGTV, you can take a small clip of it and cross-promote it to other social media, almost as a sneak peek at the post. This will draw in viewers from other platforms towards your IGTV post, supplementing the views you’re getting from us, which will lead to a greater yield from the engagement algorithm and speed up your visibility on the platform.

You can promote via other social media, email lists using newsletters, and social groups and channels you’re a member of, every view counts towards success in the future.

Also, a good practice to follow is to make the beginning of the video very intriguing and no-sound optimized as well. If the video catches the user’s attention in the first few seconds, that tremendously increases the chance that the user will stay around and watch most of the video. Having an interesting intro will lead to great view retention from your potential clients and followers.

Many IGTV and Instagram users have to sound disabled on their news feeds, so having no-sound optimized videos, such as videos that start with sound, but also have some text slides on the screen will make many viewers plug in their headphones to hear your message. It’s also not a bad idea to include subtitles!

You should optimize your hashtags to reach a wider audience. Including highly-relevant, popular hashtags into your description will increase the likelihood of someone finding your content through the search box.

People who are getting into online business in 2020, entrepreneurs, and small physical businesses that want to take the next step online fear that its difficult to find new clients and interested people. That’s not the case if you know what you’re doing, and it doesn’t take a Marketing Degree to learn.

Trust us, we know where we are coming from when saying this. Our company, Optimize Social Media, is a social media marketing and SEO company based out of Irvine, California. We have six years of online experience with big brand names, but also small businesses and individuals, just like you. We know their needs, and that is one of the reasons we got into providing our service packages. A small business or social media entity can get far without a complete marketing or SEO plan that costs thousands.

Beginners often fall into the trap of trying to make an engagement campaign to increase their reach, but fiddling with ads is not the best way to start out if your goal is to reach new people. Yes, big brands need to pump out new reach campaigns and raise their awareness constantly, but for you, we prepared a few tips that, combined with our views, will be more than enough to turn you a profit on the platform.

First of all, let’s take advantage of this platform, compared to its competitors. On IGTV, you can actually add even hour-long videos, compared to short clips on Instagram. This gives you a unique opportunity to make your videos personal and in-depth. Connect with your target audience on a deeper level with longer videos. Social media users are constantly blasted in their news feeds with spammy short clips that tell them what they should buy, but not who they are buying it from.