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5 Social Media Sites Important for Small Businesses

When the average person thinks of a social media site, they immediately think of sites like Facebook and chatting with friends while playing games. While this is very true for most consumers, small business owners need to think of social media sites in a completely different way.

Social media has become to the advertising world what the Super Bowl used to be. Large corporations used to spend huge budgets to make sure their products were in front of the huge Super Bowl viewing crowd. However, with so many consumers spending at least a part of their day on sites like Facebook and Twitter, social media marketing has become the best way to get your product out in front of more people. The best part of this new marketing option is it can be done for free.

While there are many different social media sites out there, there are some sites that are a must have for most small businesses.


In the same way you have a personal account with Facebook you can create a profile page for your business. Unlike a personal page where people will "friend" you, customers will be able to "like" your business page. If you watch your own Facebook feed, you will see that when a person "likes" a business page, this is shared with all their friends. This is a great way to get your business out in front of more people.

Your Facebook business page also lets you promote specials to your customers, as well as contests. One local photography company offered a contest inviting all their fans to ask their friends to "like" their photography page. They told their fans that when their friend liked the page, to also post a comment saying who referred them. The fan who had the most referrals at the end of the designated time won a free photo shoot and package. This is a great way to gain customer referrals while offering current customers an incentive.


Twitter is a great way to build another online social media presence for your business. Sharing tweets about special offers, industry related articles or news, and even answering customer questions are all things easily accomplished through Twitter.

If your business is product or service specific, a great way to expose yourself to more possible customers is the use of what Twitter calls #hashtags. For example, if you are a business whose main product is a widget, then within every tweet you send out, use the #hashtag #widget. This will enable potential customers searching for #widget to find your tweets and follow you.


While most people think of YouTube as a great place to watch music videos or funny videos, it can also be an amazing marketing tool for your small business, especially if you are in the service industry. Creating a video, much like a mini commercial, allows you to talk to potential customers and tell them about your business and the services you offer. This gives the potential customer a more personal connection to you and they are more likely to contact your business over that of the competition.


LinkedIn is very similar to Facebook, but geared more toward business professionals. You create a profile page, can network with other business professionals in your industry, advertise and promote your product or services to other businesses, and join industry related groups. In many ways LinkedIn is like your local Chamber of Commerce on the internet.


MySpace has been beneficial for many businesses, though through the years it seems to have moved more toward the entertainment industry. If you are a business that offers products or services to the music, movie, television, or general entertainment industry, then having a business profile page on MySpace could prove very beneficial. It allows you to again get your business out in front of many potential customers.

While not all social media sites are a good fit for all small businesses, creating at least one social media presence is becoming a must for small business marketing. Give them all a try and see which site you find the most success with and run with it. You may find that by using social media you are able to greatly extend your marketing reach without having to increase your marketing budget

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Tips for Developing a Social Media Strategy for a Small Business

Use Social Media to Increase Profits for Your Small Business

Developing a social media strategy for a small business consists of more than simply joining Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. More businesses are learning how to leverage online tools to their advantage to increase exposure and to increase profits. Online social media websites have exploded during the past decade into a billion dollar business.

Business owners, especially small business owners, can take advantage of social media as a low-cost way to advertise to the public. Social media strategies for small businesses have resulted in increased profits for business owners because the cost of advertising through social media is low, while the return in profits can be good to excellent. You do not need to be an expert on social media marketing strategies to develop a social media plan for your small business. You do need to be familiar with the internet, social media websites and how to navigate those websites. Even a novice can learn how to upload pictures, insert widgets and create pages on the internet by reading the help sections on the social media websites. In addition, these tips for creating a social media strategy should help you get started.

Use Google Places to improve search results. 
Listing your business on Google Places will automatically bump you up in a business search on Google. If you do not have a Google account, create one for your business, and then Google yourself. Find your business location on Google Maps and claim your business identity. This will allow you to enter much more information about your business or correct information that was wrong.

Enhance listings on local business directories. 
In addition to adding your business to Google Places, make sure that a consumer will see your business when they are searching for your type local businesses. If you are not adept at finding online local business directories, start by searching for your competitors. Note what sites they appear on and make sure that you do what it takes to get your business to come up on that website.

Use multimedia to your advantage. 
Consumers want to see pictures and watch videos that show them exactly what they are purchasing. Pictures and videos are an excellent marketing tool for small businesses because it increases the consumer's interest in your business and products. Multimedia adds another dimension to your online marketing that helps consumers feel more connected to your business. You can begin by just taking pictures of products or functions and uploading them to your company's website and then maybe produce how-to videos to help answer consumer questions about your products.

Set up your business profile on Yelp. 
Yelp has a mobile app that is popular right now that allows people to find products and services when they are travelling or in the car. Yelp provides the location, telephone number and store hours for your business and also allows you to cross-link your website to the Yelp listing.

Use offline marketing to create traffic to your online marketing. 
Most companies have some type of offline advertising materials. Do not forget to add your website address, Facebook page, twitter account, blog page and any other social media pages to your offline advertising materials. Customers like to go online to get more information about products and services.

Customize online messages. 
Each social media platform has its own unique format and style. Customize and adapt your advertising to suit each different social media network. For instance, do not use the same messages and pictures on Facebook that you do on MySpace because these two platforms have a "distinct" look and feel. You also do not want your customers receiving the same messages from Face Book, MySpace and Twitter - - they will simply start deleting them all. Make variety the spice of your social media marketing and keep online advertising fresh and new.

Use to your advantage. 
Meetup allows you to advertise a face-to-face informational meeting, instructional class or other event that your business is hosting. Posting your business event on Meetup expands your ability to reach others in your community that are interested in your business or products. It also provides tools to tract acceptances, send reminders and keep in touch with those responding to your invitation. Furthermore, Meetup provides easy tools to link the information directly to your website.

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How to add a Blank Comment on Social Media

Follow the simple steps below to add a blank comment on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Tik Tok, and more.

  • Copy the Blank Character visible between the bold brackets -> [  ‏‏‎  ] 
  • Paste it in any comment section, don't add anything else or it won't work


You can also buy Instagram Followers, Likes, Views and more on our website!

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How to deposit funds
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Tips for IGTV

To succeed on IGTV, use the longer video format to show more about your company or business, or even yourself if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer. Talk about what got you started, show them how a workday looks for you, your office atmosphere, how you handle your tasks and customers. Give them meaningful advice, like we are trying to do with our articles, and they will reciprocate with trust in your brand.


Also, there are some good practices to follow on the platform. This is more of an SEO approach than a marketing one, but it’s equally as important to make the absolute most value from any social media marketing you do.


First of all, make sure to cross-post and cross-promote your content from the very start. If you have an existing base of followers, or event interested parties such as a list of potential clients, let them know you are now on the IGTV platform. Whenever you post a new video to IGTV, you can take a small clip of it and cross-promote it to other social media, almost as a sneak peek at the post. This will draw in viewers from other platforms towards your IGTV post, supplementing the views you’re getting from us, which will lead to a greater yield from the engagement algorithm and speed up your visibility on the platform.


You can promote via other social media, email lists using newsletters, and social groups and channels you’re a member of, every view counts towards success in the future.


Also, a good practice to follow is to make the beginning of the video very intriguing and no-sound optimized as well. If the video catches the user’s attention in the first few seconds, that tremendously increases the chance that the user will stay around and watch most of the video. Having an interesting intro will lead to great view retention from your potential clients and followers.


Many IGTV and Instagram users have to sound disabled on their news feeds, so having no-sound optimized videos, such as videos that start with sound, but also have some text slides on the screen will make many viewers plug in their headphones to hear your message. It’s also not a bad idea to include subtitles!


You should optimize your hashtags to reach a wider audience. Including highly-relevant, popular hashtags into your description will increase the likelihood of someone finding your content through the search box.


People who are getting into online business in 2020, entrepreneurs, and small physical businesses that want to take the next step online fear that its difficult to find new clients and interested people. That’s not the case if you know what you’re doing, and it doesn’t take a Marketing Degree to learn.


Trust us, we know where we are coming from when saying this. Our company, Optimize Social Media, is a social media marketing and SEO company based out of Irvine, California. We have six years of online experience with big brand names, but also small businesses and individuals, just like you. We know their needs, and that is one of the reasons we got into providing our service packages. A small business or social media entity can get far without a complete marketing or SEO plan that costs thousands.


Beginners often fall into the trap of trying to make an engagement campaign to increase their reach, but fiddling with ads is not the best way to start out if your goal is to reach new people. Yes, big brands need to pump out new reach campaigns and raise their awareness constantly, but for you, we prepared a few tips that, combined with our views, will be more than enough to turn you a profit on the platform.


First of all, let’s take advantage of this platform, compared to its competitors. On IGTV, you can actually add even hour-long videos, compared to short clips on Instagram. This gives you a unique opportunity to make your videos personal and in-depth. Connect with your target audience on a deeper level with longer videos. Social media users are constantly blasted in their news feeds with spammy short clips that tell them what they should buy, but not who they are buying it from.

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How to succeed on IGTV in 2020

If you’re aspiring to market your content to broad audiences, reach many interested people, and grow your brand or business through social media, Instagram IGTV is one of the best places to start in 2020. We would like to introduce you to IGTV view packs, the best way to grow your content after the recent changes to Instagram.


But, there are a few things you should know about Instagram, and their new platform, IGTV, also known as Instagram videos. Currently, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, has decided to experiment in ways to alter how engagement and algorithms work on their platform. Removal of likes, for example, is a strategy to obscure how popular a piece of content is, and rely exclusively upon their internal algorithms to rank content, instead of letting users decide for themselves what’s hot or popular based on the number of likes they see on a post.


The decision to remove the like display came from years of Facebook battling workarounds to manipulate either their algorithms or the users’ experience. With early social media, many years ago, it was quite simple to cheat the system and make a profit off of the platform. All you would need to do is set up a page for whatever product or service you are offering, blast it with followers, likes, views, shares, and comments, no matter how low-quality or artificial they were, and voila, your content would reach an extraordinary number of people overnight.


Not only that, but it would fake the credibility of the page, group, brand, and lead to problems down the line. It was a big issue for the user experience. People would take to good faith that the metrics they saw, such as comments and likes were genuine, made by real users who value your brand, and would easily get scammed. Social media bots were making havoc on Facebook, and dishonest businesses were using the app not to enrich the user experience, but to make it far worse.


After many years of fighting these bots and various manipulative methods, Instagram has come up with the solution mentioned above. It’s still not live in many geographical areas, so many users still feel this is just a phase that will pass, and everything will be back to normal. That’s far from the truth. It’s currently being tested in various countries in Europe, Asia, and also in Australia. Still, we are highly confident that this update will go global during 2020, leaving way fewer options for businesses to market themselves on social media. If you are in the US or Canada, and this update is still not live for you, trust us, once it comes to you, it will completely change the social media game for all businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers.


Don’t worry. This is where the concept of IGTV views comes into play. While likes will become invisible, and only half as effective as before, this has opened the way for a more refined marketing method. High-quality IGTV views, which are nowhere as easy to obtain as likes or follows, have become that much more critical now, and we want to tell you how you can benefit from them.

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Should you try marketing with IGTV?

IGTV is a brand new platform for sharing videos, launched by its parent company Instagram. As a standalone application, it’s slightly different than Instagram, but core principles have been kept in place, while its functionality is possible within Instagram too. After a year and a half in use, many users are not too thrilled about it, but it’s absolutely a platform worth exploring and testing. It’s the go-to video sharing social network outside of Youtube and recently, TikTok. We feel IGTV has its advantages over the other two, mainly because it’s more popular thanks to its connection with Instagram, compared to its competitors who fight for every new user. As a near integrated platform, you can easily carry over any marketing work you’ve done on Instagram over to IGTV, and vice versa.


Also, it’s important to note another reason why IGTV is worth getting into. While Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform out there, many Youtube users visit the website from their desktop devices. Why is this important? Well, around two-thirds of internet users prefer their mobile devices over watching content on their desktop computers. IGTV is an application specifically designed for mobile users, meaning you will be able to reach some users easier. If you already have a youtube channel, moving into IGTV to attract people with short clips, then lead them to your Youtube channel is a good strategy. We will talk more about this down below in another section of the article.


A video-sharing social network offers a lot of potential. Your videos can reach local and global audiences in what you have to offer. Businesses, brands, and influencers use videos to give a glimpse into their niche, post a promotional message, or visually share information. For example, if you’re offering products, you can post videos about them and promote them, or if you’re offering services as a business, you have an opportunity to talk about them visually, including both audio and pictures.


Modern social media users don’t like to read long posts and prefer a combination of audio and visual stimulation instead. It’s much more interesting to users to hear about a local car wash if they can see a video of how the washing is done, right?


Since you’ve found our website, we assume you already have a grasp on why IGTV is such a robust network. But what good are your videos if nobody sees them?


Even though the social network is still in its infancy, many brands have settled and grabbed a lot of the market instantly. Just look at the most popular profiles in IGTV, it’s all brands and influencers that have gathered their fame somewhere else already, and simply brought it over to IGTV. This doesn’t mean a newcomer can’t get a slice of the pie, though. If your video posts can get enough engagement, there is a huge potential audience to grab. As many newcomers haven’t grasped the basics of internet video marketing, you may have a keen edge with our IGTV video view packages.

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How to grow on Instagram TV (IGTV)

So, you decided to try your hand at IGTV? If you have been posting videos from a fresh account, with little to no marketing effort, you probably haven’t been receiving many views. That’s fine, and we can help you. As with any newcomer to the platform, it takes a long time to grow organically and amass high views and engagement by patiently working towards it.


To organically grow, there’s a list of things you need to go through, almost like a checklist. First of all, you need a legit-looking profile that is up to standards of the niche you’re in. Now, and most importantly, you want to publish relevant, informative, and engaging video content related to your niche. It should be unique and high quality, something eye-catching that will get the viewer to click (thanks to an attractive description and thumbnail), stick around and maybe even watch other posts you’ve shared.


IGTV will recognize such activity from users on your profile, and it will contribute to the algorithm inside of the platform, helping your content reach more people in their news feeds.


This is where a few tricks come into play. If you’re just starting, you probably don’t want all of your videos to look like they get absolutely no views. Precisely as we mentioned above, Instagram was removing likes because content publishers with a low number of likes were discouraged from posting content.


You can pick up one of our IGTV view packs for your content. It can be any video, published at any time, and you can even split your purchase of views over different videos and time frames. This will not only give your views more credibility and appeal, but also help you gain even more views in the future. We will talk more about high retention views in the next section of the article, but what you should know for now is that, if your video posts can amass more views with time, it can snowball and lead to new, real views coming down the line.


You don’t really need to spend a large sum of money on visibility campaigns. You can read more on how to grow your presence on IGTV by spending minimal money and focusing on results with proper practices and our view packages.

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How to Add Multiple Links on Instagram

There’s one thing that has remained constant with Instagram over the years. They only allow you to have one clickable link in your profile’s bio. This 1 link limitation is quite restrictive to marketers and brands seeking to promote multiple products and services via Instagram. The good news is that there’s a clever workaround to the limitation, which is by using services. 

So, if you’re tired of constantly changing your Instagram bio link every time you want to send visitors to a different website or landing page, you can always use to promote multiple pages from a single Instagram bio link. is a simple to use app that allows you to add and have a link in your Instagram bio then add more links to different pages from the app’s dashboard.

Why Add Multiple Links on Instagram?

Instagram is always changing its algorithms, which is why you don’t see posts in chronological order. For example, the link that you currently have in your bio may not be leading to the same content that your followers have recently read about. allows you to have multiple links so that you will always have the right content related to the link on your Instagram bio. 

With multiple links, you can direct your visitors to different places such as your blog post, landing page, or website. If you have an e-commerce store, you can link multiple products in your store to the same link in your bio. Multiple links also allow you to promote your most popular products or blog posts on Instagram. The best thing is that it’s quite easy to set up multiple links on Instagram using 

You can also track how each link is performing with accurate analytics from your dashboard to split test or gauge the performance of different campaigns.

Adding Multiple Links on Instagram 

Start by visiting and signing up for an account 

You can sign in with your Instagram handle and login to your dashboard 

Once you’re logged in, add a new button or link and create custom links to your website and other landing pages. Make sure to give each link a title and URL.

Customize the look of your buttons using colors and themes that reflect your brand style and image. Once you’re satisfied with each link’s button, copy the customized URL shortcode and paste it on your Instagram bio. 

After you have started getting clicks, you can track the performance of your campaign from the app’s dashboard. You can even integrate Google Analytics into your account.

Other Benefits of comes with more benefits besides allowing you to add multiple links to your Instagram. It allows you to create beautiful bio link pages from your dashboard, create short links, manage multiple projects from the same platform, and get daily statistics about the performance of your campaigns. 

It’s also available in a free version as well as an affordably priced paid version. 

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How to Buy Tik Tok Likes

How to Buy Tik Tok Likes

You can buy Tik Tok Likes from our website, simply sign up, deposit funds to use our services. We offer Tik Tok Likes, delivered instantly, cheap prices, with refund/refill guarantees.

  • Select which package you want to buy (Regular or Real).
  • Enter your post/profile URL into the given box.
  • After entering the quantity you want to receive in the next box, you will see the price.
  • Click the Buy Now button and your order will be processed.

Boosting your likes is a great way to grow your Tik Tok profiles visibility, exposure, and social proof. Buying Likes is as simple as selecting a service, package, then adding the link to your Tik Tok profile. 

With our service, gain Tik Tok Likes by selecting a service, package, and enter your Tik Tok username or the link to your profile.

Tik Tok Likes are non-interactive profiles from worldwide sources, some come with real names and profiles, you can also buy Tik Tok Likes, and Views on our website too.

Why Buy Tik Tok Likes

Having an account with many Likes is more authoritative, making your brand look more authentic, which can help organic traffic find your brand easily. Buying Likes for your Tik Tok profile is a great way to grow your brand or reputation on Tik Tok, it offers a quick and simple solution to improving your social proof by making your profile larger, faster. Boosting your Likes is a great way of increasing social proof and awareness.

Optimize will grow your online presence affordably, our agency manages your growth so you can have more time to create content for your users, and manage your business more freely.

We'll grow your account for as cheap as $1, and provide you with the visibility you need to gain and retain a larger audience. 

Our experts grow your engagements by displaying your content to the right audiences, at the right time so you can spend more time managing your content.

Will I get real

We offer non-engaging Tik Tok Likes, however, the more social proof you have, the more likely organic users will find your profile. We also offer influencer marketing/shoutouts to bring you real “service name”, as well as run paid ads for your brand on Tik Tok, please contact us for this service! 

Can I get free?

Absolutely, we offer a $5 free trial when you sign up to our website. Simply use our support center to request your free trial!

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